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Adam Eaton

Owner | Executive Chef

At age 15, Adam Eaton began strategically working his way through kitchens across his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Following high school, Adam pursued his dream and attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in St. Paul. During his time there, he staged at Cafe Maude which gave him his first glimpse of elevated cuisine. With the ultimate goal of ending up at Tim McKee’s La Belle Vie, he found himself opening St. Paul’s Barrio, where the kitchen was led by McKee’s close friend. Within six months, an opening came up at La Belle Vie and he transitioned to a position there where he remained for five years. The invaluable experience Adam gained gave him the confidence to apply to become the executive chef at Saint Dinette a year before it was opened. Owner Tim Niver saw his talent and quickly hired him to work at his other restaurant, The Strip Club Meat & Fish, for a year leading up to Saint Dinette’s opening. As Adam was given the opportunity to help shape the concept and menu, he has remained the sole executive chef at Saint Dinette since it began in 2015.

At only 28 years old, Adam is constantly evolving his style of cooking as well as the menu at Saint Dinette. He gravitates towards classic recipes while adding playful elements. Deeply inspired by his Eastern European heritage and the cooking of his grandmothers and godmother, Jewish food appears throughout Saint Dinette’s menu. There are a number of approachable dishes, but there’s no shortage of elevated ingredients with highly-technical processes.